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Fic: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Brendon Urie

Title: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Brendon Urie
Author: namegoehere
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Panic at the Disco
Disclaimer: Completely fabricated.
Pairings: Brendon/Jon
Wordcount: 2050
Summary: Brendon Urie has a plan, and not just any plan; it's a brilliant plan to get in Jon's pants.
A/N: catchmelike asked for college AU Jon/Brendon where stuff happens. Here you go. :P

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SPN - kicking ass & taking names

Fic of 2007

Everyone is doing the fic of 2007 meme, and I figured I might as well follow suit, because I'm like that. Also, I figured it'd function as a good "g'bye, Supernatural!" post. Which kind of makes me sad in a way, that I really no longer consider myself part of that fandom, because I had a fabulous time there and there are some really, really wonderful people over there -- unfortunately, I just... lost interest. And then I found something else that was shiny, so I just. Yeah. Anyway, here is my fic of the past year.

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Have I mentioned that I love my boys? Especially when they make STUPID SILLY HAPPY SONGS about "We're so sorry we've been gone, we were busy writing songs for you." I love their STUPID SILLY FACES. And I want to hug them a million times forever and ever because I love them for being such huge dorks.

Also, if anyone has not not seen this fucking awesome tribute to the awesomeness that is Pete Wentz, go here. It made my fucking day, okay?

It's a new year and it's fabulous and it's off to a fantastic start, it really is. Um, probably a good time to mention now, I'm not really expecting this journal to contain a whole lot of SPN/CWRPS stuff from here on out. I'm not really happy with the fandom right now, for a lot of reasons, and I'm more than happy to hide under my rock and focus on these shiny quarters boys I've found.

New tattoo consult in less than a month, Cobra Starship in February. BTW, who is going to be at which shows? I know sort of variously some people here and there, but I'm curious if I'm missing anyone who is going to be at any of the shows I will be at. floridapeaches and I are going to Dallas, Austin, Houston and New Orleans. Also, shutyourface, I totally owe you like $60-something, which I will be able to paypal at you when I get back to Edmonton on the 8th.

In the meantime, I literally have like, $30 in my bank account. I need a job. I need to cash my cheques. Only good thing about going back to Edmonton, seriously. I am not looking forward to going back.

I AM looking forward to my new tattoo. I AM looking forward to Cobra Starship. I AM DEFINITELY looking forward to the new Panic! album, and I hear we can expect something new from The Hush Sound soon?
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I've been cleaning house today.

Listened to From Under The Cork Tree, Take This To Your Grave, Infinity On High and now Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love is next. I'd like to listen to The Black Parade and A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, but then my mom will be home and we'll get to listen to Christmas music all night.

I'm not really big on holidays anymore. I'm not sure why. I think I'm just so damn tired. I come home for Christmas and all I want to do is, you know, see my family and stuff. The three and the presents don't mean as much anymore. The big thing is coming home.

Anyway, this is my fandom journal, not my journal of Dean's random thoughts.

So, back to talking about music. I had a really lovely chat with floridapeaches last night about our favourite albums, lyrics, bands, people, etc. etc. and so on. and the utter ridiculousness of people who get pissed off because bands change. So today, I decided to go through and listen to as many of the albums as I could, all the songs and stuff.

Here are things that I have discovered so far:

- Sugar, We're Goin' Down annoys me a lot less when I listen to it in context of the album. If I try and listen to it on it's own, I can't do it, but if I'm actually listening to the album all the way through, I'll quite contentedly sing along.
- Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is a fucking incredible album.
- Pete Wentz writes some of the most awesome lyrics out there.
- There's something really satisfying about using a broom as a microphone.
- I really fucking adore Gerard Way.
- Pete Wentz is better at screaming than Frank Iero. Unlike Frankie, he doesn't make me burst into hysterical giggles. P.S., Frankie, I love you too.

ETA: I have no idea how, but I find Gerard screaming very relaxing -- I could almost fall asleep right now. Mmm.
SPN - boys are back


I know, I know, I haven't been around. Real life's been kicking my ass and I've just been not so much busy as really distracted lately. Seriously, my last post was about Cobra Starship's (now less) new album being awesome. That's kind of pathetic.

Speaking of new albums, who else is stoked about Panic!'s new album?

TAI is gonna be on Warped Tour, along with Gym Class Heroes -- I might go this year, if I'm in town when they hit Indy... I'll have to find someone to go with, or go somewhere else they're hitting where I know someone. I went to Warped back in... 2003? 2004? with my boyfriend at the time, who basically dragged me around, and didn't let me see any of the bands I liked (I wanted to see Less Than Jake and the Drop Kick Murphies, asshole, let me see my bands, bitch) or go within a hundred yards of any stage -- and then bitched when I didn't buy him stuff. Prick. I have horrible taste in men.

In the meantime, I've started a search to find some of the music I liked when I was fifteen and then later forgot about. I bought a new iPod and I need some new/old tunes. I've been in the mood for some good punk lately. Any suggestions?

I really don't have anything exciting to say. I'm baking cookies.

So, what fun and exciting things are going on in fandom, seeing as how I haven't really been around...?
FOB - Wentz FTW

Re: Starship Cobra

floridapeaches linked me to where I could DL the new Cobra Starship album -- and it is fucking awesome. It makes me very, very happy. No favourite songs yet, haven't listened to it enough. I'll have to put it on my iPod and listen to it several more times. I hadn't gotten a chance to listen to it all the way through on FBR+, so I've gotta say I'm really pleased with it.

I'm working on plotting out the AU from... somewhere really awesome stuff comes from, with floridapeaches. I also really need to finish this Frank/Gerard fic I started. Blaaah.

My alarm clock (also known as my desktop computer, set to start playing music at 8 in the morning) is doing something bizarre. It's been playing nothing but Panic! At The Disco for the past fifteen minutes, which is sort of bizarre, considering the playlist I'm playing from also has a crapload of My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, but I think it finally just switched over to Cobra Starship song, so I guess it must be fine.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome. It's Deansday! And I have an consult for the new tattoo I'm getting! Oh, and I have a dentist's appointment. Dentist's appointments suck.

I should really look into making a header for this journal.

ETA: I've been having really bizarre dreams lately. I think it's a combination of a) Supernatural being back on the time, b) listening to too much My Chemical Romance, and c) finally reading the first issue of Umbrella Academy. Damnit, Gerard Way, you may be saving lives or whatever, but you're giving me really fucked up dreams.
FOB - Wentz FTW

Pete Wentz stole a golf cart.

So, I requested a ficlet from txtequilanights, which means I have to post this meme, too.

The first five people to comment on this post get to request a ficlet from you. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for.

I'm gonna limit it to bandslash, guys. This journal has a shitload of SPN fic in it, and even some CWRPS, but NO BANDSLASH. Obviously this must be fixed. Bands I'm familiar enough with to write fic about are My Chem, Panic! and FOB.

Request away.